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James McFarlin, Noted Author and International Speaker, Releases Second Edition of New Cyberthriller, "AFTERSHOCK: A Novel" Just As U.S. Intelligence Officials Warns U.S. Senate On Rising Threat of Cyberattacks to National and Economic Security

(Rancho Mirage, CA—March 14, 2014) James McFarlin, President of the Palm Springs Writers Guild and cyberwarfare expert recently released his new novel, AFTERSHOCK. McFarlin, noted thought leader and futurist in cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism blends chilling fact with fiction. AFTERSHOCK’S page turning timely message is front page national news.

On March 13, The Wall Street Journal, reported at Senate hearings, “top spies compared the concern more directly than before to the dangers posed by global terrorism.” U.S. intelligence officials said “the nation is vulnerable to cyberespionage, cybercrime and outright destruction of computer networks, both from sophisticated, government-sponsored assault as well as criminal hacker groups and cyberterrorists.”

McFarlin adds, “"These threats are real, and they are serious. Our economy, our security, our privacy - our entire way of life - is at risk." In AFTERSHOCK, McFarlin creates the reality of those warnings and the dire consequences. To read more of the Wall Street Journal reporting go to McFarlin’s website

McFarlin both educates and entertain readers with this thriller on the latest war the United States is already losing. In addition a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed by U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the Homeland Security Commission titled, “Hardening Our Defenses Against Cyberwarfare” emphasizes how timely and topical, AFTERSHOCK is, the reality of cyberwarfare and its chilling aftermath.

The fact is America is under assault. In recent months, U.S. banks, the Federal Reserve, major technology firms such as Google and Facebook, the Department of Defense and Nuclear Security Administration have reported increasing cyberattacks against their computer networks. In AFTERSHOCK, McFarlin deftly blends current-day fact with fiction in a compelling story of the U.S. response to cyberattacks, where soaring political ambition and high level deception propel the nation into destructive global conflict of which there are few if any winners.

From his position as publisher of CyberWarfareToday, a rapidly emerging source of information on the trends and future of cyberwarfare, McFarlin closely monitors information on attacks from sources around the world, adding his keen insight and analysis of the cyberthreats facing the United States. His thought-provoking Review, “Trends Driving the Future of CyberWarfare 2013-2015” offers surprising conclusions about the threats facing the United States. Available now at

 McFarlin’s thirty-year career delivering highly evolved computer systems, services and software to industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Intel sparked a keen awareness early on of the dangers cyberthreats of all types pose to high-technology organizations and the critical industries that utilize their products to power America’s infrastructure.

AFTERSHOCK is available on For additional “real time” information on cyberwarfare visit:

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