Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Giving Up the Beachhead: U.S. Cyber Defenses in Retreat

by Jim McFarlin

Data released from US-CERT shows that reported cyberattacks have increased tenfold since 2006. Combined with the rapid-fire advancements in attack methods, it’s clear that preventing breaches is becoming increasingly more difficult rather than easier.

Many organizations are thus shifting their attention and resources to mitigation - limiting and stopping attacks in progress - and to business continuity and recovery.

A recently released study by accounting firm EY entitled “Global Information Security Survey 2013” documented this change of cybersecurity focus. The report found that 51% of corporate executives surveyed had set their 2014 information security priorities in business continuity and disaster recovery, eclipsing their focus of 13% on information security risk management.

In other words, if the beach cannot be held, retreat to the next line of defense.