Monday, April 8, 2013

U.S. Cybersecurity Safety Net to Vanish?

Today, Chinese cyberespionage will continue against corporations and the U.S. government. Meanwhile, Iran will focus their assaults on American banks. They might even cause periodic disruptions in service.

It’s business as usual on the cyber front. And America is wide open for business.
Luckily, a successful cyberattack has yet to be launched against our vital networks such as the power grid or communications network. In fact, such an attack isn’t even expected in the near future – but not because our government has a formidable cyber defense system protecting us.

It’s simply because our enemies don’t yet have the necessary attack capabilities. If they did, America would be on the verge of a state of national emergency at this moment.

The continued attacks and lack of progress were predicted in our Cyberwarfare Quarterly Report (available for download in the sidebar). As the Report states:

"The U.S. continues to operate in a period where a 'cyber safety net' exists - those nation states and radical organizations who want to launch harmful cyberattacks against the U.S. do not yet have the capability, while those that may have the means [China, Russia] have no motive for doing so."

During this relative ‘quiet time’ the U.S. could be aggressively developing strategies and defenses against the cyberattacks that will one day threaten our nation’s most vital networks.

At least, this would be the smart thing to do. 

The steps taken so far include an administration initiative pushing for “guidelines for industry-government cooperation” to protect against cyberattacks. Establishing a one-year timeline just to develop these guidelines is in my opinion using up valuable time in our cybersecurity safety net. 

Is this lack of urgency going to cost the U.S. down the line? I’ll have an update for you in my Cyberwarfare Report in July.

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